How to Protect Your Unstructured
Data (Without the Hassle)

IT leaders know that their company’s most valuable asset is data.


Will History Repeat Itself?

We have come a long way since the days when companies believed that Robocopy, rsync, and vendor migration tools were good enough for their data center transitions. After experiencing pain with old tools, most of those companies are now loyal customers of Datadobi.

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Many Public Cloud Providers (Hyperscalers) Don’t Understand Unstructured Data Migration – And That Creates Risk

As all traditional storage vendors now acknowledge, migrating large amounts of data between different platforms requires specialized software and specialized knowledge and cannot be effectively delivered by hastily assembled tools run by inexperienced teams.

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Data Protection in the Cloud: Azure Blob Storage

Almost everyone has a treasured asset that they keep well protected. For individuals, it’s often a cherished family photo or family heirloom. For organizations, one of the most valued possessions they have is their unstructured data — and for good reason.

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Are You Keeping an Immutable Copy of Your Unstructured Data in The Cloud?

More and more enterprises are struggling with a situation I have been talking about for some time: the accelerating growth of unstructured data. With this tremendous growth comes a requirement to protect this data in almost all instances.

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Providing Data Migration & Protection Support, Not Just Solutions

Organizations face a growing challenge in a world where IT consumption of cloud services is increasing. Businesses now need data management vendors that can support the company in addition to technology itself, particularly when it comes to data migration and protection projects. 

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