Revealing the Hidden Value of Your Organization’s Unstructured Data

Revealing the Hidden Value of Your Organization’s Unstructured Data

It’s no secret that unstructured data is growing at unprecedented rates. Unfortunately, too many enterprise IT leaders are still suffering silently, ready to throw up their hands and surrender in the battle for control over their own massive collection of unstructured data. With little time left to catch their breath, IT operations must also find the most effective solutions capable of teasing out the highest-value data buried deep in their unstructured data stashes.

Let’s face it. The obvious elephant in the data center causing frustration for all stakeholders is having a lot of data but not actively using it to gain insight into customers, competitors, markets, business opportunities, organizational effectiveness, cost control, environmental footprint, and so on.

This is because tools have been lacking to properly gain insights and effectively manage the data so that it can be used by the specialist Business Intelligence, analysis, and other apps. These apps are not designed to work on Petabytes of data and need to be fed the right data at the right time. The good news? It doesn’t have to be that way.

With the right processes and tools, organizations can take control of their unstructured data and harness its hidden value, transforming it from what was once considered a burden to deal with, into a valued asset.

The enterprise unstructured data management industry is squarely focused on developing next-gen technologies to escalate capabilities far beyond just storing, managing, protecting, tracking, mining, integrating, processing, and indexing diverse, raw unstructured data from sources including all things related to communications, business apps, financial transactions, research data and of course IoT devices. As technologies such as AI, predictive analytics, deep machine learning and computing power become interminably faster and more accurate, enterprises are deliriously weighing data management strategy options.

Reap the Insights of Your Unstructured Data

  • All that unstructured data sitting on-premises or in the cloud has the ability to weave together a truly fantastic data story about your company, customers, products, and services to paint a picture of your history and inform the future of your company.
  • Happy customers lead to customer retention so explore what your customers think about your company and use the multiple data sources your customer gives you to improve your customers’ experience, retain their business, and bank on word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Unstructured data is literally your opportunity to have your finger on the pulse of your market. It can deliver in spades the benefit of monitoring your competition, industry influencers, potential business partners like never before.
  • Structured data is useful but never reveals the whole picture. Major organizational decisions should be informed by analysis of unstructured data as well which can reveal key insights not always evident in structured data.

No Time Like the Present to Maximize the Value of Your Unstructured Data

If not already underway, 2022 must be the year enterprise IT organizations, regardless of industry, pursue a comprehensive unstructured data management plan to:

  • Repurpose their old data in new, innovative ways to extend its data lifecycle.
  • Manipulate and stretch incoming new data in ways perhaps never thought
  • Enlist outside expertise to understand their unique data and what the possibilities are.

That is if they hope to compete in their respective markets and meet changing business needs.

Hope for the Best but Plan for Success

Enterprise data is speeding toward a predicted 175 ZBs of unstructured data by 2025, according to IDC. To survive in today’s fast-paced, data-rich world, organizations must look to vendor-neutral, battle-hardened unstructured data management solutions to enable them to reign in and extract maximum value from their unstructured data, wherever it resides (on-premises or in the cloud). Doing so is the only way they can reach IT modernization goals.

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