How to Protect Your Unstructured
Data (Without the Hassle)

IT leaders know that their company’s most valuable asset is data.


Planning and Preparation for an Unstructured Data Migration

The growth of unstructured data continues to be a hot topic in the world. As the data we capture continues to become more and more important in how we make business decisions, the data we save continues to drive up capacities.

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Why Choose DobiMigrate Over Legacy Tools for Your NetApp Migration

Before making a major purchase, whether it’s business or personal, we consider what problem we’re trying to solve, we do our research, and we compare products. Why? Because we want to know if the products are worth the cost. The same process should be undertaken before beginning a data migration project.

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DobiMigrate Now Integrated with Dell EMC PowerStore for Fast Migration of Legacy Systems

On May 5, Dell Technologies announced Dell EMC® PowerStore® to the market! The headlines ranged from “Breaks ground in storage infrastructure” and “PowerStore is untouchable” to “Dell simplifies mid-range storage portfolio.” It made a strong impression.

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S3 to S3 – The Grass Is Always…

One of the most common conversations we have with customers is around S3 object data and our capabilities of migrating that data between disparate source and target systems. Customers and partners alike often ask how they can move data to and from different cloud offerings, as well as between cloud providers.

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George Jon Identifies Datadobi as the Best Data Migration Software for Its Global Clients

Data integrity is important to every organization, but in the eDiscovery sector it is highly regulated, on top of being a principal business requirement. To achieve the utmost levels of integrity, eDiscovery platform, process, and product specialist George Jon turned to Datadobi to power its data migration services for clients across the corporate, legal, and managed services sectors.

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