Data Integrity, Security, and Confidentiality – The Building Blocks of Data Migrations with Datadobi

Datadobi received SOC 2 Type I attestation for unstructured data migration software solution DobiMigrate from KPMG.
Learn why this certification ensures the highest standards for integrity, security, and confidentiality of customer data.


The Brain Power Behind Datadobi Unstructured Data Management Projects

Before applying for a job, there are many factors you have to take into account. From salary, hours, office locations, responsibilities, PTO, and more, each element directly influences whether or not the position will be a good fit for you. It’s extremely important for you to evaluate what an employer has to offer before submitting your resume to a new company.

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IDC says a Data Mobility Engine Can Serve as the Core of an Effective Data Management Strategy

Research firm IDC predicts that, over the next five years, more than 80% of the data collected by organizations will be unstructured data, and that will only continue to grow 40-50% per year for most enterprises.

With the sheer volume of unstructured data yet to be created and used in the years ahead, it’s safe to say that the way organizations manage their data will need to evolve.

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Revealing the Hidden Value of Your Organization’s Unstructured Data

It’s no secret that unstructured data is growing at unprecedented rates. Unfortunately, too many enterprise IT leaders are still suffering silently, ready to throw up their hands and surrender in the battle for control over their own massive collection of unstructured data. With little time left to catch their breath, IT operations must also find the most effective solutions capable of teasing out the highest-value data buried deep in their unstructured data stashes.

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Examining What it Means to Be Truly Vendor-Neutral in Today’s Multi-Vendor World

Let’s face it: failing to manage your enterprise’s unstructured data is no longer an option. I know it, you know it, and the storage vendors and cloud providers know it too.

Both on-premises providers and cloud storage platforms teams’ have seen the need to organize unstructured data to gain valuable insights from it and are attempting to hastily assemble tools to help.

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It’s Like Walking A Tightrope – The Balancing Act of Unstructured Data Risk Reduction

Global organizations across every industry have become addicted to the hordes of data they are capable of amassing and storing — particularly unstructured data. On average, unstructured data currently makes up more than 80% of enterprise data and it is growing at the rate of 55% to 65% per year. Like it or not, that eye-catching, shiny pile of glorious unstructured data also comes with the obligation and liability of handling it responsibly and in a timely manner to avoid data risk exposure.

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