How to Protect Your Unstructured
Data (Without the Hassle)

IT leaders know that their company’s most valuable asset is data.


System Integrators (SIs) Need to Modernize or Lose Out

For many enterprise-scale organizations, managed system integrators (SIs) have become the ‘go-to’ outsource partners for a vast variety of strategic technology requirements and niche challenges. Using this approach, a project is often transferred from the customer to the SI, and while this offers some very well-established benefits, customers can also become distanced from key processes and find they are unable to respond effectively to changing requirements.

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How DobiMigrate is Winning the Data Migration Race

Enterprises are typically very concerned about how long it will take to complete a data migration project. After all, prolonged migrations can cost organizations hundreds to thousands of dollars. As a result, many data migration solution providers have prioritized speed over all other factors.

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A Data Migration Mystery Solved – Can an Active Directory Object Have Two Security Identifiers?

Recently, I was working with a customer who wanted to test using a Security Identifier (SID) Map file in DobiMigrate. For those unfamiliar with SID mapping, DobiMigrate has the ability to replace source SIDs with new SIDs as the data is written to the destination file server, and can do the same for User IDs (UIDs) and Group Identifiers (GIDs).

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DobiMigrate CTA Bypass with Unity and S3

In an earlier blog post, we provided details about a specialty data migration we call “CTA Bypass,” which is a unique way to speed up what is normally a very slow migration. And when I say slow, I mean periods involving months or even years to migrate the data – not exactly the speeds needed in the current world where the ability to do everything quickly, including migrating data, is of the utmost importance.

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Cloud-Based File Storage in a Post-Pandemic Economy: Why Migration Matters

Cloud-based file storage has grown massively during the pandemic as organizations embraced remote working environments. Global enterprise companies were able to adopt effective, proven technologies offered by market-leading brands without the need for sudden infrastructure spend, while employees got the file storage they needed without having to think too much about the process or where files would reside.

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