By now it is common knowledge that unstructured data is growing out of control. So the question everyone is asking is, how do you truly manage unstructured data in the multi‑vendor, multi‑cloud environments that are becoming the norm?


Datadobi Unveils StorageMAP 6.5 – Empowering Data Management in the Digital Era

Announcing the launch of StorageMAP 6.5: a cutting-edge solution designed to support the organization of data along with high performance mobility for large, complex data environments.

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StorageMAP v6.5

Unleashing the Potential of Amazon FSx with Datadobi’s StorageMAP

A global leader in artificial intelligence and computer graphics recently came to us with a common lament: “We have a mess. We need to understand the mess. We need to clean up the mess.”

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Defending Your Organization from Illegal
Data’s Wrath

In today’s interconnected world, businesses not only grapple with the management of vast amounts of data but also face the looming threat of illegal data concealed within their digital repositories. This proliferation of illegal data presents a range of risks and challenges that organizations must confront.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind? The Dangers of Forgetting About WORM Data Retention Periods

StorageMAP can solve WORM storage retention risks by identifying files that have exceeded their retention period and helping you act on them.

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Data Retention

The Looming Threat of Orphaned Data: How Former Employees’ Abandoned Files Could Destroy Your Business

Employees are leaving their jobs at record rate, and leaving orphaned data behind. Having a plan to manage that data is vital to protecting your business.

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