The Brain Power Behind Datadobi Unstructured Data Management Projects

The Brain Power Behind Datadobi Unstructured Data Management Projects

Before applying for a job, there are many factors you have to take into account. From salary, hours, office locations, responsibilities, PTO, and more, each element directly influences whether or not the position will be a good fit for you. It’s extremely important for you to evaluate what an employer has to offer before submitting your resume to a new company.

While the team at Datadobi does not give individuals advice on how to navigate the career landscape, we do give organizations the insight they need to manage unstructured data intelligently. We empower IT teams with the ability to locate and protect their data in ways that will help align with business goals. It’s impossible to make meaningful data mobility and protection decisions without detailed knowledge about the datasets being stored.

Both DobiMigrate and DobiProtect were built on Datadobi’s vendor-neutral unstructured data mobility engine. One of the key components behind the engine is Insights and Intelligence.

Details Should Drive Unstructured Data Management Decisions

The Insights and Intelligence component of the data mobility engine allows IT teams to view the entire data storage estate in a single pane of glass — regardless of if it is on-premises or in the cloud, the vendor, or the physical location around the world. With this information, IT administrators can make the best choice on where data resides and how it is protected.

For example, an organization can scan its production all flash array and be able to see that 30% of the data hasn’t been touched in over five years. With that in mind, why not move that to the cloud or a less performant storage platform like a long-term archive? Perhaps old, untouched and unmodified data is no longer required by the organization and can be deleted. What about data that is owned by individuals no longer with the company, or data associated with applications that have been decommissioned?

Orchestrating Unstructured Data Management Projects

With seemingly endless capacity and countless files, it can be difficult to get data moved even when the team knows exactly where it needs to go. Fortunately, Datadobi’s enterprise class software enables organizations to make decisions on how to handle data and then automates the execution of those plans via a series of jobs. And Datadobi executes these jobs not only at speeds faster than incumbent solutions but also at scale whether it be PBs of capacity, billions of files/objects, or both.

The intelligence does not stop there. We are also consistently checking the target system to ensure no end users or applications are changing the data prematurely. In the event we detect unwanted changes on the target system, we will notify the administrator and skip the conflicting copy operations as a means to prevent data loss.

Arming You with Information

An organization’s unstructured data is often an untapped repository full of potential. With that in mind, our data mobility engine scans and analytics arm IT teams with as much information as possible. Using that knowledge, organizations can intelligently purchase new storage systems, move data to the appropriate platform, and perform lifecycle management — something everyone has been talking about since the beginning of IT but is something few have the ability to do.

To learn more about how Datadobi can provide the insights and intelligence needed for your unstructured data management projects, contact us today.