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Unstructured Data Management with StorageMAP from Datadobi – Technical Validation from ESG


Datadobi Overview

Datadobi Overview

StorageMAP - Overview

StorageMAP Overview

StorageMAP - Demo

StorageMAP Demo

DKFZ - Customer Testimonial

DKFZ Customer Testimonial


StorageMAP: What's Included

StorageMAP: Unstructured Data Management

Solution Briefs

GenAI Solution Brief

eBooks and Whitepapers

The New Frontier for Data - Beyond Data Stored to Data Managed

Unlock Unstructured Data's Value with Innovation and Expertise

The Era of Unstructured Data is Here

Technical Briefs

Effective vs. Display Permissions in a Multiprotocol Migration

Filesystem Scans

Service Briefs

NAS and Object Migration Service Brief


Data Growth Exacerbates Storage Management Challenges

Building a Modern Data Management Strategy
from GigaOm

Data Enhances Migration Performance, Eyes Broader Expansion into Data Management

Datadobi Receives SOC2 Type I Attestation for DobiMigrate

The Data Mobility Engine as the Foundation for an Efficient Data Management Strategy

Intelligently Manage Data at Scale with StorageMAP

Use Cases

5 Key Steps of a Fast, Accurate NAS Migration

NAS and Object Migration Software for Modern Data Centers

Object Migrations

Protecting Business-Critical Data Against Cyber Threats

Where Is Your Golden Copy?


What to Look for When Evaluating a Strategic Unstructured Data Management Solution

Data Growth Exacerbates Storage Management Challenges

See How Much You Can Save with DobiMigrate

DobiMigrate Legacy

DobiMigrate Overview

DobiMigrate Demo

DobiMigrate Delivers the ROI You Are Looking for