Monitoring Managed Services

You have outsourced your data center activities to reduce costs, to stay efficient, and to focus on your core business. But do you have an independent means to verify your managed service provider's reports? Can you really trust how much data you are being told that you store, that it is in the most cost effective location, that you are doing your best to reduce carbon footprint, and that it is in the right place to satisfy regulatory requirements? Just because you outsourced management, it doesn't mean you have to be blind to the facts. StorageMAP quickly and easily puts you in control of your data no matter where it is or who is managing it.


Get Value for Money

Monitor exactly how much data you are really storing so you can validate your costs.


Reduce Carbon Footprint

Make sure your outsourcer is doing everything possible to reduce your carbon footprint.



Confirm that your data is stored in the right location to conform to regulations.

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Make sure you are not storing data that puts your company in jeopardy.