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Let your customers gain the visibility and control of their data needed to turn it into an asset. Unstructured data growth has exploded, causing increased storage costs and risk exposure. Your customers can use StorageMAP, a subscription-based vendor and cloud-neutral data management platform, to get a grip on their unstructured data management challenges and visualize, organize, and act in a single pane of glass.

StorageMAP ultimately helps customers reduce cost, reduce carbon footprint, reduce risk, and get the best value from their data.

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Migrate unstructured data for your customers with speed and accuracy.

DobiMigrate is the #1 unstructured data migration software that allows service providers and enterprises to deliver best-in-class one-off migration projects to their customers. Partners can sell DobiMigrate either for customers to execute themselves or with migration services from the partner.

Datadobi’s enterprise-class software and expert support team has completely changed the way customers transition between old and new storage platforms on-premises or in the cloud.


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