Unstructured Data is Growing Exponentially

Left unchecked, your enterprise's data growth will put your company at risk.

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Managing your unstructured data is key to securing your company's future.

Deep insights, flexible tagging, and rapid action in a single software platform with millions of hours of runtime in the largest enterprises globally makes StorageMAP the most powerful unstructured data management software available.

With ransomware attacks, new regulations, and ROT data increasing rapidly, urgent action is needed to protect your company. Identifying risks and protecting your data is the last line of defense for your company’s continuity and reputation.

Unstructured data is growing rapidly and reducing the cost of data centers is a constant battle. Cloud has its role in reducing data center costs, but there are many more solutions.

The exponential rise in the creation and storage of data has led to a rise in the footprint of data centers and the need to reduce CO2 emissions. Cloud has its role in reducing data center footprint, but there are many ways to reduce your company's carbon footprint.

Get better insights and analytics around what data is useful and how you can gain a competitive advantage by making your data work for you. Get the right data, in the right place, at the right time.

Companies use StorageMAP to assess, organize, and act in a single pane of glass

StorageMAP helps enterprises cruise through the entire unstructured data management journey from initial assessment, through data classification and organization, to taking the necessary action to achieve real results quickly and efficiently.


Start by getting full visibility into exactly what you have in your growing unstructured data estate. StorageMAP delivers clear and defensible reports for all levels of the organization: for the C-Suite to understand the consequences of collecting data; for business unit managers to make informed decisions about the impact of their data; for the IT team to manage the data infrastructure.


Find and classify data according to your company’s unique business attributes with StorageMAP’s canned reports or its patented Datadobi Query Language (DQL). Once identified, tag data with attributes such as ownership, risk, role, required action, or any other user-defined attribute that suits your company’s needs.


Take action right from within StorageMAP. Actions include migrating, archiving, pipelining, replicating, and deleting data. Acting on data is fast in StorageMAP which utilizes Datadobi’s patented unstructured data mobility engine with SOC2 Attestation from KPMG.


Once your first and most important objective is achieved, you have the insight, control, and flexibility to keep your ever-increasing unstructured data sprawl continuously under control.

"One of the biggest challenges I see IT operations facing today is the fact that they do not have a single view into the entire data storage environment or the ability to organize and restructure their data quickly and easily. Without that, it is practically impossible for IT to improve operational efficiency and to make their piles of unstructured data work for the business. StorageMAP addresses these problems head-on. Combined with a high level of cross-vendor knowledge, years of real-life experience, and support with the highest reputation, enterprises can let StorageMAP software do the heavy lifting as they reap the rewards."

Vinny Choinski, Senior Analyst at