Cloud Transformation

Moving data to the cloud can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce cost and CO2 or make better use of your data with cloud native analytics apps. Proven to handle the ultimate complexity of moving and copying between the data center and the cloud (or the other way round) with millions of hours of real-life run-time, StorageMAP's file and object migration ability is second to none no matter how large or complex your cloud transformation project.


Cloud for File Data

Take advantage of the growing number of file offerings in the cloud with cloud providers, traditional storage vendors, or File Data Services.


Cloud for Object Data

Free up data center space by archiving stale data to the cloud or get data closer to the cloud native apps for faster processing.



Move or copy data from the edge to the cloud for protection on heterogeneous storage or to get data closer to the apps and users


Same Data in Different Clouds

Take advantage of the different strengths of the cloud providers by putting the same data in different clouds and keeping it in sync.


Repatriation from the Cloud

Move data back to the data center to save costs or bring it closer to the apps and users.

Data Center Transformation

Welcome to world’s leading data center migration technology that is used by thousands of the world’s largest companies and by the major storage vendors. StorageMAP migration capabilities have been proven in the largest and most demanding global enterprises with millions of hours of real‑life run time.


Storage Refresh

Get to the promised ROI and other benefits of your new storage platform in the quickest and least disruptive manner.


Optimize Existing Space

Optimize existing space by moving data between different NAS or Object storage platforms.



Integrate newly acquired data centers or separate divested entities.

Monitoring Managed Services

You have outsourced your data center activities to reduce costs, to stay efficient, and to focus on your core business. But do you have an independent means to verify your managed service provider's reports? Can you really trust how much data you are being told that you store, that it is in the most cost effective location, that you are doing your best to reduce carbon footprint, and that it is in the right place to satisfy regulatory requirements? Just because you outsourced management, it doesn't mean you have to be blind to the facts. StorageMAP quickly and easily puts you in control of your data no matter where it is or who is managing it.


Get Value for Money

Monitor exactly how much data you are really storing so you can validate your costs.


Reduce Carbon Footprint

Make sure your outsourcer is doing everything possible to reduce your carbon footprint.



Confirm that your data is stored in the right location to conform to regulations.

Reduce Risk

Reduce Risk

Make sure you are not storing data that puts your company in jeopardy.

Data Center and Cloud Optimization

The average data center can always do with a regular spring clean. But this is often impossible because getting a full picture of whether the data is useful, who owns it, and where it really belongs has been a tedious job hardly worth the effort among the myriad other infrastructure projects. But StorageMAP makes optimizing any data center a simple, fruitful, and cost-rewarding project that can be done as often as needed.


Delete Data

Cleanup ROT data that is taking up valuable space, causing risk, and providing little value.


Reorganize Data

Consolidate distributed business unit data onto a single platform freeing up space at the edge. Relocate datasets requiring specific performance metrics to higher (or lower) performing storage systems. Relocate datasets requiring a higher degree of sharing globally to cloud-based file services.


Pipeline Data

Move or copy data to the Cloud or Flash storage to run cloud native or high-performance apps.