Announcing the Launch of StorageMAP 6.7

Announcing the Launch of StorageMAP 6.7

Enabling Customers To Master Data Management And Reach Business Objectives

We are delighted to introduce StorageMAP 6.7, with key capabilities designed to further enhance automation and unify data management capabilities.

REST API Improvements for Large or Complex Unstructured Data Environments

In response to the growing demand for increased capabilities around seamless integration and automation, we have extended our REST API with improvements tailored for large or complex environments.

With StorageMAP 6.7, users can now leverage REST API calls to:

– Add or configure file or object servers, streamlining the setup process for large data management projects

– Dynamically adjust server throttling, allowing for precise control over performance and resource utilization

– Retrieve real-time status updates of ongoing data management jobs, including critical information such as status and error counts.

These enhancements are particularly beneficial for organizations managing extensive data lifecycle or migration projects, such as our recent work with a well-known global luxury car manufacturer. With almost real-time automatic control over storage impact, and detailed progress insights, StorageMAP empowers users to accelerate and simplify operations, while maximizing efficiency. The end result? Greater use of automation to reduce both cost and risk for your business.

Replication Capability Now included in StorageMAP Act

In addition to REST API improvements, StorageMAP 6.7 brings about significant product unification by integrating replication functionality into StorageMAP. This means that StorageMAP now encompasses both N2N (NAS-to-NAS) and O2O (Object-to-Object) replication capabilities, consolidating all replication functionalities under a single, comprehensive solution.

Bottom line… whether juggling the complexities of managing existing (and growing) data created by the business or dealing with next-generation projects requiring the preparation of data for AI or Machine Learning applications, StorageMAP delivers all the capabilities needed to achieve your business goals in a single scalable solution.

StorageMAP has been and continues to be engineered from the ground up to empower its users to understand, harness, and protect their data in order to meet today’s business objectives while positioning themselves to meet the opportunities of tomorrow.