Datadobi Unveils StorageMAP 6.5 – Empowering Data Management in the Digital Era

Datadobi Unveils StorageMAP 6.5 – Empowering Data Management in the Digital Era

In the ever-expanding digital landscape, the volume of unstructured data continues to surge at an unprecedented rate, posing unique challenges for businesses worldwide. The effective management of these vast environments is crucial for streamlined operations, risk mitigation, and cost reduction. In response to addressing these concerns, Datadobi has announced the launch of StorageMAP 6.5, a cutting-edge solution designed to support the organization of data along with high performance mobility for large, complex data environments.

Introducing StorageMAP 6.5

Datadobi’s latest innovation, StorageMAP 6.5, has been engineered to cater to the needs of modern enterprises grappling with massive unstructured data environments, often comprising billions of files and objects. While high-level management through shares, exports, and buckets is efficient, there are instances where granular file-level actions become essential.

One of the prime advantages of StorageMAP 6.5 is its ideal suitability for a variety of use cases such as relocating data to an archive stored on object storage systems on premises or in a public cloud, creating of data pipelines to move data to applications for additional processing, or even relocation of orphaned data for review as part of a data disposition plan. This empowers businesses to optimize their environment and derive additional value from their data by ensuring it is in the right place at the right time, all the time. And with the rise in adoption of AI/ML applications StorageMAP 6.5 can identify and feed the large amount of data they require for training models and generating insight.

Solving Customer Challenges with Precision

The challenges posed by managing vast unstructured data environments have become increasingly complex. As companies navigate through billions of files and objects, they often encounter situations where high-level management is augmented with lower-level, granular actions.

Unlocking Business Impact with ‘Search and Move’

The introduction of ‘Search and Move’ capabilities in StorageMAP 6.5 has unlocked a host of benefits for businesses across departments. This innovative feature empowers users to search for individual files based on specified criteria and efficiently move them to another location, all while ensuring the corresponding removal of the files from the source.

  • Mitigating Risk – For companies concerned about the presence of dark, aging, orphaned, and redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) data, StorageMAP 6.5 offers invaluable insights. It allows businesses to identify data that has not been accessed or modified for an extended period at the file level across multiple directories. Armed with this information, companies can formulate structured disposition plans, effectively reducing the risk associated with storing unnecessary data.
  • Reducing Costs – The ability to move large amounts of data based on specific criteria and promptly delete it from the source environment leads to the reclamation of valuable and potentially expensive storage space. By optimizing storage utilization, StorageMAP 6.5 significantly contributes to cost reduction initiatives, positively impacting the company’s bottom line.
  • Achieving Sustainability – By relocating dark, aging, orphaned, and ROT data to environmentally friendly storage systems and promptly removing unnecessary data from legacy systems, companies can minimize their carbon emissions, reduce power requirements, and showcase their commitment to eco-friendly practices. With sustainability becoming a paramount concern for businesses today, StorageMAP 6.5 provides an unparalleled advantage for those on the journey towards a greener and more responsible future.
  • Maximizing Data Value – Data is an organization’s most valuable asset (in addition to its people) and leveraging it strategically can unlock countless opportunities for growth and innovation. With StorageMAP 6.5, businesses can create data pipelines to move specific data based on tailored criteria, empowering departments with curated data for AI/ML applications, analytics, data warehouses, long-term storage archives, and more.

Unlocking New Use Cases

By enabling surgical data movement based on specific criteria, StorageMAP 6.5 opens a wealth of new use cases for businesses. Creating data pipelines to drive analytics, archival of aging content, relocation of orphaned data for review, and more become feasible and streamlined processes, enhancing data management and optimizing resource utilization.

Bottom-line, the recent launch of Datadobi’s StorageMAP 6.5 marks a significant milestone in the world of data management. With its innovative ‘Search and Move’ capabilities, granular file-level actions, and comprehensive data transfer capabilities, StorageMAP 6.5 empowers businesses to navigate the complex landscape of unstructured data efficiently and effectively. By helping to mitigate risk, reduce costs, achieve sustainability goals, and maximizing data value, StorageMAP 6.5 becomes an indispensable tool for modern enterprises seeking to harness the true potential of their data assets.