Datadobi’s Unstructured Data Management Innovation Continues with StorageMAP 6.2

Datadobi’s Unstructured Data Management Innovation Continues with StorageMAP 6.2

Orphaned Data Risk and Cost Can Now Be Eliminated with Multi-Vendor, Multi-Cloud Unstructured Data Management Platform.

Pushing orphaned data to the back burner – i.e., data that still sits on an organization’s network or systems but was created and owned by a now deactivated employee – is never a good idea. Yet, we work with some of the world’s largest, most well-known, IT leaders that tell us consistently that managing orphaned data has become one of the biggest thorns in their sides. This is because they know that ignoring orphaned data won’t make it go away. Instead, the risk and cost associated with orphaned data are likely to fester and grow. But, how do you deal with something that you cannot really find… at least not in a comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective way?

Well, at Datadobi, we listened to the IT leaders we work with and have introduced important enhancements to our multi-cloud unstructured data management platform StorageMAP. StorageMAP is engineered specifically to discover and remediate orphaned data, and in doing so, reducing cost, lowering carbon footprint and risk, while enabling active users to appreciate maximum value from their unstructured data.

With the new capabilities, StorageMAP 6.2 can identify data sets with high amounts of orphaned data, allowing IT leaders to group and organize the data independent of the business organization. The orphaned datasets can then be migrated and reassigned to another owner based on identity-mapping, archived to a lower-cost platform, or deleted by StorageMAP. The platform provides an easy-to-read, granular report on the top users with orphaned data and for additional detail, a search function allows targeted searches to be executed across part of or the entire data estate.

The 6.2 release follows close on the heels of the launch of our StorageMAP platform earlier this year. StorageMAP provides a single pane of glass for organizations to manage unstructured data across their complete data storage estate on-premises and in the cloud. This latest update enables IT leaders to assume even greater control, taking charge now of all orphaned data sprawled across their networks.

Craig Ledo, IT Validation Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) had this to say about it, “As data proliferation continues, IT leaders are going to see more orphaned data on their networks. This is why it is so important that organizations turn to unstructured data management solutions like StorageMAP to find datasets associated with inactive users and take the appropriate action.” He continued, “Combined with a high level of cross-vendor knowledge, years of real-life experience, and great customer support, enterprises can let StorageMAP do the heavy lifting when it comes to orphaned data.”

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