Customers View of DobiMigrate Performance

10-01-2018 / Jeff Abbott

One of the things that we love to talk about at Datadobi is migration performance. If you have been involved in any discussion with someone from our team it’s unlikely that you walked away without the knowledge that we are “10x faster than other solutions that exist on the market today”. Where does that come from?

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The Impact of Timestamps

06-11-2017 / Steve Leeper

After initial data seeding, Datadobi's DobiMiner Suite (DobiMigrate, DobiReplicate, and DobiSync) compares timestamps on file system objects residing on both the source and destination platform. These comparisons determine whether full data copies or metadata copies are ...

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Here’s What a Successful Isilon Migration Looks like from the Customer Perspective

16-10-2017 / Cédric Quillévéré

After an impressive migration with DobiMigrate, the technical lead at CHU de Nantes, authored the following testimonial in French on his own professional blog. Datadobi has translated this blog to English to share on our website.

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Performance is the issue. DobiMigrate is the solution.

18-06-2017 / Daniel Esposito

In the host based migration world, tool performance has become the accepted bottle neck in any migration scenario. But this begs the question; If time is money, why spend any more of it on data migration than you absolutely must? We’ve all spent the obligatory weekends, late nights and early mornings migrating data only to be further hindered by antiquated tools that make things worse.

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The 5 Steps That Will Help You Avoid The Dreaded “NAS Migration Failure”

03-05-2017 / Jeff Abbott

So you need to migrate your file data to a new platform. Take comfort that you are not alone –many have been in your position and snatched success from the jaws of failure. The information that follows is designed to walk you through the process of what a file-based data platform migration looks like.

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Trouble-shooting Methodologies and Errors in DobiMigrate

04-04-2017 / Blake Belongia

You have DobiMigrate installed, had some firewall ports opened to discover that last fileserver, straightened out security for your SMB credentials, and decided on the path structure on new hardware, and it’s clear sailing from ...

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Understanding Permission Types in Multiprotocol Migrations

22-02-2017 / Steve Leeper

Imagine a planning meeting in which the discussion taking place relates to an upcoming cross-vendor NAS migration. Perhaps the incumbent's offering is being replaced for business reasons or there is simply an architectural change...

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The Mechanics of a WORM Data Migration

24-01-2017 / Chris Klosterman

WORM (Write Once Read Many) is the practice of saving data that cannot be deleted until some period of time has elapsed. It’s intended largely to help organizations meet regulatory and legal retention requirements on their datasets...

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