Where Is Your Third Copy?

Watch this video to see how Datadobi
protects your unstructured data from
attack or corruption.

Selects Datadobi to Replicate over 1PB of Data

Leading cancer research center
deploys Datadobi product to replicate
over 1PB of data in just 5 days.

Protect Your Unstructured Data on Any NAS or Cloud

DobiReplicate and DobiSync give you the
power to protect your unstructured
data, wherever it lives.

Protect file and object data anywhere.

DobiReplicate® and DobiSync® together provide fast, accurate, and low-risk data replication or synchronization to any NAS and object storage, on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Protect your business critical data from ransomware, corruption, and human error (accidental deletion).
  • Keep a pristine copy of your unstructured data anywhere you decide.
  • Get an end-to-end, automated, heterogeneous, multiprotocol solution designed to safely, accurately, and easily replicate and restore your data.

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