Datadobi Software Enhancements Power Agile Multi-Cloud Expansion, Flexible Data Reorganization, Lower Costs

DobiMigrate Version 5.13 new API programmatically configures unstructured data migrations on-premises and in the cloud and is the next step in Datadobi’s roadmap of new features.

Leuven, Belgium – November 16, 2021 – Datadobi, the global leader in unstructured data management software, today announced enhancements to its vendor-neutral unstructured data mobility engine with the introduction of the DobiMigrate® API. Version 5.13 will allow organizations to programmatically configure unstructured data migrations using the API.

The 5.13 release comes shortly after Datadobi established the step over the threshold from its powerful data migration and protection solutions, DobiMigrate and DobiProtect®, to the fully fledged data mobility engine announced earlier this year. This latest update complements the Datadobi enterprise GUI and enables automation of file and object migrations and reorganization or clean-up projects.

Using the DobiMigrate API, customers and partners can now extend existing automated storage-provisioning workflows with the necessary data migration steps. Organizations can first use the storage system APIs to provision a new group of on-premises or cloud storage, and then use the DobiMigrate API to set up the NAS or object migration. Following the cutover to the new storage, the administrator then again can use storage systems APIs to deprovision the original storage.

Customers can also use the DobiMigrate API in conjunction with the Datadobi File System Assessment service. The File System Assessment service provides customers with valuable insights into the state of the unstructured data estate. Characteristics of File Systems from a global level through individual storage systems and subfile servers/virtual file servers are provided in a detailed report. The report allows customers to make informed decisions on how to organize and move their data. The DobiMigrate API can then be used to establish the required migrations of individual datasets between systems.

The DobiMigrate API delivers peace of mind for organizations. The DobiMigrate process is fully auditable and comes with patent-pending chain-of-custody technology that provides a detailed report on what files were migrated, their content, and timestamps. DobiMigrate has also been reviewed and received attestation for Service Organizations Control (SOC) 2 Type 1 compliance by KPMG. The attestation follows a review of Datadobi’s operations, support, and engineering processes demonstrating Datadobi’s focus on high standards for integrity, security, and confidentiality of customer data.

“Due to the scale and complexity of unstructured data in today’s heterogeneous storage environments, enterprises can no longer rely on outdated tools and manual practices to execute data management projects. Organizations must trust specialist tools powered by automation to gain an understanding of their environments and move data accordingly,” said Carl D’Halluin, CTO of Datadobi. “The Datadobi API allows for a seamless data management experience built with the speed and integrity needed to conduct business today.”

“Every day we see organizations challenged by an overwhelming volume of unstructured data. As data proliferation continues, successful enterprises will look to data management solutions like the DobiMigrate API to tailor data projects, enhance mobility capabilities, and find value in their data,” said Bill O’Brien, Director of Data Center Storage and Data Protection at AHEAD. “We look forward to continuing to provide top-of-the-line data management to our enterprise clients using Datadobi solutions.”

To learn more about – and to purchase – solutions leveraging the Datadobi engine equipped with the DobiMigrate API, please contact us.

Shannon Cieciuch
Touchdown PR for Datadobi
[email protected]