Global Energy Group Completes Centera-to-Centera Migration on Time and on Budget

Global Energy Group Completes Centera-to-Centera Migration on Time and on Budget

The Customer

This featured customer is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with over 90,000 employees in more than 70 countries and territories. The company’s goal is to engage efficiently and responsibly in oil, gas, and other selected businesses and participate in the development of energy sources. Energy use around the world is rising, as global population grows and more people gain access to modern energy.

The Challenge

The customer’s IT group, based in Texas, needed to refresh a Dell EMC Centera that was at the end of its maintenance life. The aging Centera had over 121 million objects – 12 TB of data – on its SAP application. The customer used the enterprise software SAP to manage its business operations and customer relations, so it was a critical application to move to a new Centera without any disruption.

The Solution

The oil and gas organization engaged with its technology partner, Dell EMC, to determine the most reliable and cost-effective plan of action for their project. Dell EMC enlisted Datadobi and the powerful functionality of its industry-leading platform migration software DobiMigrate for this Centera to Centera transition.

DobiMigrate was able to bring automation, advanced engineering, and embedded intelligence to this project:

  • Assessment – The customer needed to do an assessment of the old Centera cluster to determine how much data was going to be migrated.
  • Analysis – After the assessment, the customer reviewed the data and confirmed that all of the data needed to be migrated to a new Centera.
  • Migration – After the analysis and assessment, it was determined that 12 TB of data from the SAP application needed to be migrated to another Centera.

Metrics for Success

The migration was completed quickly, accurately, and within the estimated timeframe.

“The greatest benefit that I viewed was the flexibility that DobiMigrate brought to the table. We encountered an issue with our network, but the team at Datadobi collaborated very closely with us and in the end, there was no impact on the migration project. Our technology transition was a complete success as far as time and budgets were concerned.”

– Project Manager

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