Global Investment Management Organization Migrated Data with No Business Disruptions

Global Investment Management Organization Migrated Data with No Business Disruptions

The Customer

The customer is one of the world’s leading investment management organizations and one of the top US wealth managers. They encompass affiliated investment management firms, wealth management services, and global distribution companies.

This investment management organization utilizes NICE, the worldwide leader of intent-based solutions, for several of their business operations. NICE software is critical to the day-to-day operation of the investment management organization as it improves business performance, decreases financial risk, and enhances safety and security. NICE solutions capture interactions, transactions, and video surveillance from multiple sources, including telephones, CCTV video feed, emergency services radio communications, emails, chat, social media, and more. They provide valuable insight about the business or security situation by applying real-time, cross-channel analytics to realize the intent of customers, criminals and terrorists, or fraudsters to enable proactive response for real-time impact.

The Challenge

The investment management organization needed to selectively migrate NICE application data from one Dell EMC Centera cluster to another, since they needed to clean up space on their existing Centera. They needed to analyze what data existed on the Centera and then assess this data to determine which information from the NICE application needed to move to the new cluster. After an analysis and assessment, the investment management organization needed to migrate the data to a new Centera and then essentially delete the same data off the older box.

It was imperative for their business that this mission-critical assignment migrate the data as quickly as possible with no disruptions to their business. They also did not want any new capital equipment purchases, so it was important to migrate the data and then delete the migrated information on the old Centera to free up space.

The Solution

The investment management organization engaged with EMC, and the team determined that the fastest, most reliable, and cost-effective solution for their business goals was to utilize DobiMigrate, the industry-leading platform migration software, for this project.

Through its powerful functionality and reporting, DobiMigrate would be able provide the investment management organization’s team with everything that it needed:

  1. Assessment – The customer needed to do an assessment on the old Centera cluster. They needed to be able to identify pieces of information and link them to their appropriate applications.
  2. Analysis – After the assessment, the customer needed to review the data and confirm if the appropriate information was linked and if it made sense to selectively migrate that data to a new cluster.
  3. Migration – After the analysis and assessment, it was determined that 17 TB of data from the NICE application should be migrated to another Centera.
  4. Deletion – After the migration took place, the migrated NICE data needed to be deleted from the original Centera box.

Metrics for Success

DobiMigrate was able to provide the investment management organization’s team with all of the tools that they needed for a successful project. They were able to assess, analyze, migrate, and delete the identified 17 TB of data quickly and without any interruption to their business operations. Another major factor and success for the investment management organization’s team was that they didn’t need to make any capital equipment purchases.

“Datadobi proved to me that they are indeed the leader in the storage platform migration space. Not only did their support and reporting functionality prove invaluable, but their expertise in the assessment phase was critical to us and our business. We were provided with a holistic view of our environment, and we were able to selectively migrate data without any interruptions.”
– Manager of ESS Distributed Engineering

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