Providing Data Migration & Protection Support, Not Just Solutions

Providing Data Migration & Protection Support, Not Just Solutions

Organizations face a growing challenge in a world where IT consumption of cloud services is increasing. Businesses now need data management vendors that can support the company in addition to technology itself, particularly when it comes to data migration and protection projects. 

End users need a trusted partner to provide guidance and assistance as they build private and hybrid-cloud solutions and adopt public cloud services. Working in an environment lacking service and support could lead to trouble and doom the project in failure. Businesses need a vendor that isn’t simply refreshing the environment from time to time, they need one that brings innovative data migration solutions to the table. 

At Datadobi, we commonly have conversations with our customers that go beyond the typical data storage vendor messaging. Below, we dive into the qualities we offer our customers to go along with our cutting-edge technology. 

We Understand All The Options 

We understand that managing data is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Organizations have an overwhelming amount of options to store or protect their data, which can create a complex decision as to which environment a company should utilize. 

Leveraging the purpose-built capabilities of DobiMigrate, Datadobi’s Pre-Migration Assessment Service starts by scanning and analyzing the source system and data, which results in a detailed intelligence report enabling the customers to make informed data management decisions, including what data to migrate, when, and to where. The information and insight provided in the report provides the customer the information it needs to best understand, what data to migrate, when, and to where.  

We Provide Assistance Beyond a Chatbot 

Datadobi has support and operations teams in all the geographies where users are located. Our customers who require assistance are not limited to a chatbot or other low-level resources located in faraway places that don’t immediately help the customer. Having direct access to our team of industry experts can provide proper guidance at the exact moment it is needed. 

We Adapt to the Needs of the Market 

Since our founding in 2010, we have witnessed the industry needs change over time. Our clear vision creates a solid understanding of which data migration solutions our end users will benefit from the most. We provide cross-platform data mobility capabilities and understand that the ever-changing world of enterprise IT will not be the same six months from now as it was today, so we constantly adapt to the trends in data management technologies. 

“Support” in and of itself may not be the first thought that comes to mind when searching for a data management solution. However, support can make or break a data migration or data protection project. Datadobi’s world-class team of experts understands all of the options, provides assistance for every customer beyond just a chatbot and knows how to adapt to the needs of the market making even the most complex of data migration and data protection projects a breeze. 

How to Purchase DobiMigrate or DobiProtect for Your Organization 

For organizations looking to migrate and/or protect their data, please visit the DobiMigrate and/or the DobiProtect pages.