System Integrators Need to Modernize or Lose Out

System Integrators Need to Modernize or Lose Out

For many enterprise-scale organizations, managed system integrators (SIs) have become the ‘go-to’ outsource partners for a vast variety of strategic technology requirements and niche challenges. Using this approach, a project is often transferred from the customer to the SI, and while this offers some very well-established benefits, customers can also become distanced from key processes and find they are unable to respond effectively to changing requirements.

However, as customers have become more experienced in working with SIs, they are putting them under greater scrutiny, asking them to improve performance, reduce time to value, and innovate through the use of automation and other agile technologies. While many SIs often agree in principle with these changing priorities, translating customer needs into action can be an uphill battle.

We increasingly see this in relation to today’s data management and migration challenges, which require modern solutions, agile processes, and, above all, technical competencies and experience. Migrating massive amounts of data during a data center transition or a move to the cloud, for instance, is time consuming, complex, and risky. However, it’s not uncommon for SIs to take a more ‘brute force’ approach to the challenges, allocating significant resources in an attempt to deliver migration projects, when what’s really required is modernization.

In the process, what’s at risk is not just valuable time and resources of the enterprise itself, but also its data. The legacy tools that many service providers still use cannot guarantee that data has been migrated properly and, what’s more alarming, they can’t prove it. A modern approach to data migration, however, should offer the ability to move any file or object data between any storage platform, on-premises, or in the cloud – safely, quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

SIs should not be a barrier to this critical process. Their approach should help customers realize ROI faster on their new storage investments and lower the TCO during migration. This is the basis of a modern approach to migration that can help SIs and their customers make the most of their increasingly valuable unstructured data assets. To learn more, click here.

This latest release of DobiMigrate, and our transition from powerful migration and protection software to the world’s first fully-fledged vendor-neutral unstructured data mobility engine, continues to enable SI’s to deliver on the requirements their customers are rightly demanding. 

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