Migrating to the Data Lake

Massive amounts of data continue to flood into companies and tax inflexible IT infrastructures that simply cannot meet business demands. Businesses, particularly enterprises that need to enable rapid innovation, must have the capability to scale to any size.  Data Lakes are where these businesses can find expanding opportunity.

By definition, a Data Lake is a large object-based storage repository that holds data in its native format until it is needed. The Data Lake brings together applications, data, and analytics in a seamless matter. With EMC®Isilon® and EMC ECS® as the foundation, businesses can consolidate unstructured data into a scale-out Data Lake, providing a central repository that removes inefficient storage islands, simplifies management, reduces costs, enables secure information sharing, increases data security, and accelerates data analytics.

Our partners turn to us to deploy DobiMigrate—purpose-built next-generation NAS and CAS migration software—to help their customers optimize their storage platform shift to the Data Lake.  DobiMigrate brings automation, advanced engineering, and embedded intelligence, helping align all phases of the technology transition from an initial assessment through final monitoring and reporting. Making the move to the Data Lake as never been faster, more efficient, more predictable, and more cost effective than it is with DobiMigrate software.

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