Datadobi Software Simplifies NAS Migrations to EMC® Unity™

The integration of DobiMigrate software and the recent launch of EMC Unity enable file users to enjoy the return on investment of their new platform faster and with less risk. DobiMigrate is purpose-built software that has been tested, tried, and trusted for migrations to EMC platforms such as EMC Unity.

“We have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with EMC to provide a software solution for customers to migrate their file data to any of EMC’s world class technology,” said Ian Leysen, CEO and Co-Founder of Datadobi. “As a file migration software option to EMC Unity, we will continue to provide customers with a simple, modern, affordable, and flexible way to migrate their file data with infinitely less risk.”

“Datadobi provides our customers with a great file migration solution in terms of performance, functionality, and reliability,” said Jeff Boudreau, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Core Technologies Division, EMC Corporation. “EMC provides our customers and partners with simple, trusted choices in how they move to our next-generation platform. DobiMigrate is an effective software-based migration option for migrating from any platform to EMC Unity.”

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