Datadobi Software Deemed the Go-to Solution for all NAS Migrations to EMC® Isilon®

Datadobi and EMC have enjoyed a long-standing partnership. DobiMigrate software is tested, tried, and trusted by EMC for use in its most prestigious accounts.  EMC has deemed DobiMigrate as the software of choice for all file migrations to Isilon because of its usability, reliability, and performance.

“We want to provide our customers and partners with the best, world-class tools to complete projects faster, easier, and more cost-efficient,” said Gordon Winters, Vice President of Isilon Global Services. “DobiMigrate brings a whole new level of simplicity to all NAS migrations. Once a customer makes the investment in Isilon, they want to start enjoying the many benefits of efficiency, scalability, and business agility as quickly as possible. In our experience, DobiMigrate is the fastest and easiest way to migrate data to their new Isilon storage platform.”

“We have worked closely with EMC over the years to test and enhance the features of our purpose-built NAS migration software,” said Ian Leysen, CEO and Co-Founder of Datadobi. “As the migration software of choice for all transitions to EMC Isilon, we will continue to provide customers with a simple, modern, affordable, and flexible way to migrate their data with infinitely less risk. Customers will reap the many return on investment benefits by migrating data quickly to their new Isilon and getting their legacy platform off the data center floor as fast as possible.”