Datadobi Releases DobiMigrate Version 5.4

Datadobi, a software company that enables its customers to migrate and protect their data anywhere, just announced the immediate release of DobiMigrate 5.4. With this latest update within the DobiMiner Software Suite, Datadobi continues to enhance the world’s most comprehensive network-attached storage (NAS) and object migration software. Customers now have improved functionality for multiprotocol migrations.

“Moving from one platform to another is complex in itself. With multiprotocol, the complexity increases exponentially” says Ian Leysen, CEO of Datadobi. “With hundreds of NAS migration projects complete for some of the world’s most demanding customers, we continue to learn every day about the complexities of NAS migrations between different storage platforms. This release of our enhanced multiprotocol solution results from our experiences of multiprotocol migrations in rigorous enterprise environments.”

Datadobi’s multiprotocol migration solution migrates each individual item using the most appropriate combination of protocol operations for that specific item. This release of DobiMigrate specifically improves the handling of:

  • Mount points
  • Symlinks
  • Pipes, sockets, and other special files from Linux
  • Alternate data streams
  • Case sensitivity/insensitivity and name mangling between SMB and NFS
  • Filenames that are invalid for SMB


Datadobi’s multiprotocol migration solution (patent pending) is making NAS migrations between heterogeneous NAS platforms much easier and much less risky.

Learn more at or visit us at Booth #1619 during Dell Technologies World to see a live demo.