Datadobi Launches Availability Software Suite for File and Object Data

Migration and Replication Between Heterogeneous File and Object Storage Platforms

Datadobi, the global leader in File and Object data mobility, has launched the only enterprise-class Availability software suite purpose-built for heterogeneous File and Object data. With the DobiMiner Software Suite, customers and partners can migrate, copy, replicate, restore, and failover File and Object data between heterogeneous NAS, File-system, and Object storage on-premises, remote, or in the Cloud.

Unstructured data is continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate and storage environments continue to grow in size, complexity, and value. Companies can no longer tolerate business disruption to their unstructured data. Data mobility is the new norm and ease of data mobility between storage platforms is the new expectation.

“We want to provide our customers and partners with the safest, fastest, easiest, and most cost- effective way to make sure that their File and Object data is always where it needs to be for business continuity,” said Ian Leysen, CEO and Co-Founder of Datadobi. “Being vendor-agnostic, our DobiMiner Software Suite brings a whole new world of opportunity for our customers to make choices about where their unstructured data lives.”

The DobiMiner Software Suite includes DobiMigrate, DobiReplicate, and DobiSync—all purpose-built for File and Object data. DobiMigrate enables customers to move their existing data to next-generation storage fast so they can get the promised ROI from their new storage platform. DobiReplicate enables customers to replicate their data to heterogeneous storage – on-premises, remote, or in the Cloud – and allows them to rapidly recover the data or failover to the target system in case of site disaster. DobiSync allows customers to keep a pristine copy of their data anywhere, and pull it back anytime, to help protect against the likes of Ransomware attacks.