Datadobi Appoints CTO to Support Enterprise Customer Growth

Leuven, Belgium—Feb. 5, 2020 — Datadobi, a global leader in unstructured data migration software, today announced the appointment of Carl D’Halluin as the company’s new chief technology officer. In this role, he will capitalize on the company’s expertise and long history of customer successes to expand the product portfolio in the growing market of unstructured data management.

“At Datadobi, we take pride in our ability to bring order to the ever-growing scale and chaos of unstructured data across enterprises,” said Ian Leysen, CEO and co-founder of Datadobi. “We’ve been the industry’s best kept secret for a decade as we’ve built a technology that allows businesses to transition to new storage technology on premises or in the cloud quickly, safely, and cost effectively. Our customers and partners know this and with Carl joining our team we plan to strengthen our position of providing next-level storage insights to enable protection, security and management of their data.”

D’Halluin will be responsible for ensuring that Datadobi continues to deliver a product to market that aligns with enterprise IT needs and reflects the direction unstructured data management is headed. “The current Datadobi core engine is extremely reliable and hyper-scalable. It will be extended to offer more solutions for managing unstructured data at scale,” said D’Halluin.

D’Halluin has been building cloud and storage software for 20 years. He made notable contributions on protecting and manipulating unstructured data, building highly scalable and secure storage systems, and providing metadata-driven intelligence at scale; each a cornerstone of the Datadobi business and technology. D’Halluin owns many patents in this domain. He was instrumental in the growth and acquisition of storage companies Amplidata and Q-layer. His own startup on smart city automation was recently acquired. Carl also worked at EMC Centera where he architected the world’s first commercial object storage system.

“Datadobi has a stellar reputation as an organization offering best-in-the-class solutions in the data migration and storage space, and it’s my privilege to join the team,” said D’Halluin. “The company has been operating at the highest levels of customer satisfaction for years, but we can still identify efficient, cost effective ways to help our customers do more with their petabytes of data and billions of files. In the 21st century, the most valuable asset isn’t gold or oil, it’s data. We plan to continue to make our products indispensable, strategic instruments for datacenter and cloud management for both datacenter administrators and CIOs alike.”

Media Contact:
Derrick Shannon
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