Datadobi Announces Support for File Data Migration and Protection to Microsoft Azure

Enterprises now have another seamless way to migrate to or protect file data on Azure.

Leuven, Belgium, November 19, 2020 – Datadobi, a global leader in unstructured data management software, has today announced support for file data migration to and protection on Microsoft Azure. Adding this new capability means enterprise customers have another option to migrate and protect their network-attached storage (NAS) file data to the cloud, optimizing storage investment while preserving end-to-end data integrity.

Using Datadobi software, enterprises get the best of both worlds by allowing them the flexibility to keep their NAS file data either in their data center, in Azure, or both. And because Datadobi documents “chain of custody,” enterprises know the integrity of their data will be fully preserved between the two locations. Datadobi provides IT professionals, legal teams, and compliance officers, as well as the C-suite, with the knowledge that the integrity of their file data will be fully preserved throughout the move or copy.

By supporting Azure, Datadobi can now help companies continue their cloud adoption by either moving or protecting their NAS data to cloud filesystems on Azure. DobiMigrate® and DobiProtect® bring all the usual benefits of speed, accuracy, and transparency that have made Datadobi one of the most trusted and reliable unstructured data management software companies for more than a decade.

“Providing the ability to move unstructured file and NAS data to Microsoft Azure is a powerful solution for any organization looking to expand its cloud strategy,” commented Carl D’Halluin, CTO, Datadobi. “We are trusted by IT leaders worldwide who want to move and protect their valuable data on-premises or to the cloud. By adding this new Azure capability, we are addressing demand for unstructured data management in the cloud – a trend which is growing in importance as businesses respond to the unique challenges seen this year, with legions of employees working from home.”

“Datadobi is a welcome addition to the Microsoft Azure ecosystem for NAS and file data migration and disaster recovery use cases. Azure Storage provides a powerful, secure, and cost-effective option for file data,” said Jurgen Willis, General Manager of Microsoft Azure Storage. “Organizations storing file data in Azure will benefit from Microsoft’s highly available and secure storage services.”