Datadobi Announces New Distribution Partner in APJ

Datadobi, the global leader in file and object data mobility, announced the appointment of Hansung SMB as a new distribution partner for the APJ region. Hansung SMB is based in South Korea and works with thousands of customers in the Government, Banking, Education, Commercial, Military, and Religion sectors.

Unstructured data is continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate and storage environments continue to grow in size, complexity, and value. Companies can no longer tolerate business disruption for their unstructured data. Data mobility is the new norm and ease of data mobility between storage platforms is the new expectation.

“We will enlist the powerful functionality of the DobiMiner Software Suite to allow our partners and their customers to migrate, copy, replicate, restore, and failover file and object data between heterogeneous or in-family NAS, file-system, and object storage on-premises or in the cloud,” said sj Kwon, CEO and President at Hansung SMB Solution Co., Ltd. “We can now enable all of our partners to include migration, replication, and synchronization services as part of every appropriate storage opportunity.”

“We want to provide our customers and partners with the safest, fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to make sure that their file and object data is always where it needs to be for business continuity,” said Andy Milburn, Regional Director for Datadobi in the APJ region. “Being vendor agnostic, our DobiMiner Software Suite brings a whole new world of opportunity for our customers to make choices about where their unstructured data lives.”

The DobiMiner Software Suite includes DobiMigrate, DobiReplicate, and DobiSync all focused on file and object storage. DobiMigrate enables customers to move their existing data to next-generation storage. DobiSync enables customers to keep a copy of their data on-premises or in the cloud for safekeeping and allows them to rapidly recover the data in case of site disaster. DobiReplicate includes all of the features of DobiSync software, plus the ability to failover to the disaster recovery (DR) target.

About Hansung SMB

Established in 1994 under the name of Hansung Information and in 2006 company name changed to Hansung SBM Solution, having been doing distribution businesses for Philips PDO (CDR Media), Pioneer (CD Jukebox), Yamaha (CDR Drive), Plextor (CDR Drive), TEAC (CDR Drive), Sony (Tape Backup and Library), Altec Lansing (PC Speaker), and Monster Cable (Speaker Cables).

And, since 2006 henceforward, for QNAP (NAS and NVR), Infortrend (DAS/NAS/SAN/All Flash), Tandberg Data (RDX & Rackmount), Vivotek (IP Cams with CMS), NovaStor (Backup Solutions), and these days newly introducing Compuverde (Software-Defined Storage).

Major customers: Government sector including affiliates (around 30%), Banking, Education, Commercial, Military, Religion, and so forth.  Customer list having been accumulated in DB is around 25,000 -highly marketing oriented.