Datadobi Offers Ultimate Unstructured Data Migration Flexibility

The addition of S3-to-S3 object migrations offers the most flexible and comprehensive software suite for migration of unstructured data.

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Datadobi Announces Support for File Data Migration and Protection to Microsoft Azure

Enterprises now have another seamless way to migrate to or protect file data on Azure.

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Datadobi Announces Integration with Westcon FlexPod Solutions, Providing Market-Leading Protection Capabilities for Any Cloud Strategy

Enhancing FlexPod with DobiProtect allows users to protect file and object data anywhere.

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Computex Technology Solutions Partners with Datadobi for Major Data Migration Project

Successfully completed a migration of 100TB+ revenue-generating application for large multinational firm.

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Datadobi Launches Pre-Migration Assessment Service

Enables Datadobi strategic partners to deliver the most highly predictable and cost-effective NAS and object data migrations, with the fastest ROI possible.

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Datadobi Announces DobiProtect for File and Object Data

DobiProtect enables heightened business continuity by giving customers the ability to identify and maintain an air-gapped ‘golden copy’ of mission-critical unstructured data.

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