Data Center and Cloud Optimization

The average data center can always do with a regular spring clean. But this is often impossible because getting a full picture of whether the data is useful, who owns it, and where it really belongs has been a tedious job hardly worth the effort among the myriad other infrastructure projects. But StorageMAP makes optimizing any data center a simple, fruitful, and cost-rewarding project that can be done as often as needed.


Delete Data

Cleanup ROT data that is taking up valuable space, causing risk, and providing little value.


Reorganize Data

Business unit data that has been distributed across multiple storage systems can be consolidated onto a single platform. Datasets requiring specific performance metrics can be relocated to higher (or lower) performing storage systems. And datasets requiring a higher degree of sharing globally can be relocated to cloud-based file service offerings.


Pipeline Data

Move or copy data to the Cloud or Flash storage to run high performance apps.