DobiMigrate Provides Invaluable Insight for Consulting Firm

DobiMigrate Provides Invaluable Insight for Consulting Firm

The Customer

RVM has been the preferred provider of eDiscovery and consulting services to leading global corporations and Am Law 100 firms for 20 years. RVM’s experienced professionals can assist around the world, across industries, and in both the private and public sectors. RVM is proud of receiving certification as a woman-owned business.

A leader in technology, RVM was one of the first to be awarded kCura’s Relativity Rating of Best-in-Service and has achieved Orange-Level Certification. RVM is also the only company to achieve Equivio Partner STAR certification.

RVM’s experts provide a broad range of services including consulting services to address company-wide information governance, internal investigations, and litigation readiness; advanced data analytics; managed document review; forensic data collection; data processing and hosting; as well as corporate enterprise solutions. It’s eDiscovery strategic consulting and expertise on the design and implementation of analytics technologies is geared toward defensibility and cost savings.

RVM is headquartered in New York with offices in Cleveland, Chicago, Los Angeles, and London. With a long history of serving a diverse corporate clientele, RVM has the distinction of being named to the Inc. 5000 Honor Roll by achieving this distinction for five consecutive years. RVM has also been named Best End-to-End eDiscovery Service Provider by the New York Law Journal and the New Jersey Law Journal.

The Challenge

RVM had millions of files stored on an existing Hitachi BlueARC NAS. This system did not have the ability to provide statistics to know exactly how many files were indeed stored and what size the files were. The major challenge for this NAS migration was that the IT team was using a storage virtualization appliance to perform the migration to their new Dell EMC Isilon NAS. Although able to get through some of the migration project with the virtualization platform, serious roadblocks were encountered later in the process. This particular storage virtualization appliance had several limitations as far as file count and file performance were concerned. The maximum amount of files that could be migrated via this method was 250 million, and a latter part of the project greatly exceeded it.

Although the RVM team realized that they had over 250 million files, they were still not sure of how many and of what size the files were on the Hitachi BlueARC unit. Since many of the files were constantly in use by the entire team at RVM, the IT team found itself in a no-win situation when faced with migrating millions of files through the storage virtualization appliance. There was no time in the foreseeable future when they’d be able to complete this component of the migration project.

The IT team at RVM needed to immediately identify an alternative migration solution that would be quick, easy, and affordable.

The Solution

RVM enlisted the assistance and expertise of their technology partner, Presidio, to recommend a solution that would accurately and rapidly migrate the data from the Hitachi BlueARC NAS to the new Dell EMC Isilon NAS.

RVM’s Chief Technology Officer identified that DobiMigrate was the NAS migration software of choice to perform a quick, efficient, and cost-effective migration.

Metrics for Success

RVM needed to have insight into what they were dealing with in terms of their environment size. After utilizing several other tools, they still did not have a clear understanding of the number of files and size of the files that were stored on their Hitachi BlueARC NAS. After the RVM team deployed DobiMigrate and did a full scan of the environment, they quickly had the information that they had been searching for over the past several months.

RVM now had this information that they needed: They had 434 million files and 66.5 TB of data that needed to be quickly migrated to the new Isilon. At an absolute maximum, RVM could afford to have business downtime of 24–48 hours. DobiMigrate’s proprietary migration engine and high level of parallelization were able to rapidly migrate all of the data and perform a cutover well within the customers’ timeframe.


“What started off as a fairly complex and lengthy migration quickly turned in to a simple and rapid migration. After we deployed DobiMigrate, it was essentially a ‘set it and forget it’ project.”
– Geoffrey Sherman, Chief Technology Officer

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