Datadobi’s StorageMAP Enables Migration of Critical Data to Amazon FSx

Datadobi’s StorageMAP Enables Migration of Critical Data to Amazon FSx

Datadobi leverages AWS to help a customer—a global leader in artificial intelligence and computer graphics—to discover, classify, and migrate their SAP workloads to AWS-managed NAS.

Here’s their story…

“We have a mess. We need to understand the mess. We need to clean up our mess.”

The Challenge

The customer had chosen to migrate their SAP workloads to Amazon FSx for cost, scalability, and performance. Amazon FSx is a storage service that allows you to launch and run fully managed file systems on Amazon Web Services (AWS). However, given the astronomical growth of their unstructured data, the C-suite needed to ensure they weren’t migrating redundant, obsolete, and trivial data (ROT) due to cost, security, and privacy concerns.

Before the first byte could be moved to AWS, they needed to fully understand the data and identify not only datasets to be migrated, but orphaned data as well. Then, they would need to re-organize the data, and seamlessly migrate it with little impact to their business units while providing detailed and executive level reports on both the datasets and the migration progress during the entirety of the project.

StorageMAP + AWS Case Study (01)

The Solution

The customer chose StorageMAP for their environment and collaborated with Datadobi on how best to leverage its features and functionality to assess their data environment. In addition to out-of-the-box functionality, the customizable analytics and reporting provided the ability to gain further insights unique to their environment.

As the customer’s data populated into easy-to-read and insightful reports with relevant graphs and tables, they were able to truly understand the data. Based on these findings they were able to make decisions quickly and effectively regarding how best to organize and migrate the data.


With StorageMAP’s Active Directory (AD) integration and reporting on the age of data, the customer was able to determine data owners and several other criteria such as last accessed, last modified times. Additionally, it helped the customer identify orphaned data; data without a current owner and aged out. This knowledge aided in intelligent decision making and gave the customer the confidence to move forward knowing they had a handle on their data. As an added benefit, the customer was able to communicate their findings with their business units with reporting that made it easy to illustrate the cost of storing all the data – including ROT data.

StorageMAP + AWS Case Study (02)

StorageMAP + AWS Case Study (03)

The Results

Once the data that needed to be migrated was identified, the AWS account team worked with the customer to understand what the data structure should look like once put into Amazon FSx, making the migration process crystal clear.

StorageMAP saved the customer hundreds of hours of time by providing insight into their data which no other solution could provide. This insight coupled with reporting to the various constituents owning the data in question allowed the customer to create an efficient migration strategy which they then implemented with StorageMAP. Rapid adoption of Amazon FSx was important to the customer and no other solution could offer the end-to-end analysis, reporting, planning, and execution speed provided by StorageMAP.

With Datadobi leveraging AWS, the customer was able to assess, classify, and act on its data from a single pane of glass – migrating, moving, and archiving data, as appropriate. Once the appropriate data was moved to Amazon FSx, the customer benefited from the rich capabilities built on AWS quicker than they thought possible.