“Best Migration Tool” Saves UMass Medical School Time and Money

“Best Migration Tool” Saves UMass Medical School Time and Money


Globally recognized for its groundbreaking biomedical research, University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) serves as the only public medical school in the Commonwealth. Pursuing continued excellence in this area mandated a new high-performance NAS storage solution. However, once UMMS acquired the new solution, migrating from their large, high file count source soon proved too complex to undertake internally. UMMS needed a reliable migration partner, stat.

Migration Remedy Needed

UMMS began the search for a migration solution featuring three key ingredients:

  • Short outage times. Finding downtime windows between dozens of departments was nearly impossible – and the longer the outage window, the longer the project would take.
  • Completion within weeks, not months or years. A fast completion time would maximize ROI on the new NAS hardware.
  • Data validation. UMMS required complete metadata and content verification with an audit trail.

DobiMigrate: The Clear Choice

After several migration tools were tested, the DobiMigrate NAS solution emerged as the tool of choice with its eight-hour cutover window and built-in automation. DobiMigrate managed 1,200 individual migration paths with ease and was able to realize 26K ops per second and 5GB/10GB line rates. Exponentially faster than legacy migration tools, DobiMigrate was able to migrate hundreds of millions of files in just six hours of scan time. The closest challenger was a legacy tool that required 40 hours for migration and offered little automation.

“DobiMigrate is the best migration tool we have ever used… We could not have asked for a better partner.”
– Srinivas Gorrepati, Senior Systems Engineer – Lead, UMass Medical School