A Hassle-Free Medical Imaging Migration

A Hassle-Free Medical Imaging Migration


The IT staff at a large hospital system in the southwestern United States knew it was time to retire its aging storage system – but it wouldn’t be easy. Built on a complex array of multi-protocol, multiple-source platform types, the system provided storage for important medical imaging studies across hospital departments and campuses. A single, reliable, automated migration approach was needed – one that was fast, accurate, and hassle free.


Outdated migration tools and limited IT staff resources meant a long 18-month application-based migration lay ahead – an untenable time frame for the hospital system and an unacceptable workload for the source systems. Added to that was the requirement of chain of custody data for HIPAA audit support and expensive maintenance renewal for Dell EMC Centera platform end of life (EOL) and network-attached storage (NAS) arrays.

DobiMigrate Solution

The customer chose the DobiMigrate software automation solution, backed by Datadobi’s proven migration expertise. In-house IT staff were freed from a migration project for which they had little experience. Ultimately, the customer felt the DobiMigrate solution would be the fastest and most reliable of all options considered.


In just 90 days, DobiMigrate executed this migration in full. Due to the automation provided by the software, migration time was low, significant labor was saved, and the customer was able to put their newly acquired NAS platform into production several months ahead of original projections. With the new NAS platform in production, the customer was able to decommission the legacy Centera and legacy NAS platforms prior to expensive maintenance renewals. DobiMigrate also produced chain of custody data in the form of a final report showing all validated files and objects included in the migration.

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