George Jon Identifies Datadobi as the Best Data Migration Software for Its Global Clients

George Jon Identifies Datadobi as the Best Data Migration Software for Its Global Clients

Data integrity is important to every organization, but in the eDiscovery sector it is highly regulated, on top of being a principal business requirement. To achieve the utmost levels of integrity, eDiscovery platform, process, and product specialist George Jon turned to Datadobi to power its data migration services for clients across the corporate, legal, and managed services sectors.

George Jon works with some of the largest and most data-rich organizations in the world, including all of the “Big Four” accounting firms and several members of the Am Law 100. It requires a data migration solution that provides these clients with fast and reliable file transfer capabilities for the billions of files they migrate for them.

We were selected as the standard data migration software based on the performance we deliver, and the speed of our data transfer rates. Our ease of use and ability to monitor migration activity from a centralized console saves considerable time for the George Jon team and its customers. Our comprehensive reporting capabilities also gives George Jon the ability to simplify file management throughout the migration process.

This announcement follows our recent launch of DobiMigrate 5.8, which was a key factor in our partnership with George Jon. DobiMigrate 5.8 delivers an enhanced chain of custody that proves every document, file, or electronic object is an exact copy of its counterpart on the source system at the time of cutover, enabling organizations to move or merge unstructured data between platforms.

Working with George Jon and its global client base has been rewarding for both of our teams. We’re happy to have provided them with the scale and speed they need to tackle any project, and we look forward to more projects in the future.