DobiProtect: A “Golden Copy” for Your Most Important, Mission-Critical Unstructured Data

DobiProtect: A “Golden Copy” for Your Most Important, Mission-Critical Unstructured Data

“To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” – Oscar Wilde

As enterprises and technology evolve, Oscar Wilde’s advice has become applicable to – and adopted by – successful business operations. With the rise in technology and data reliance, organizations have heeded his advice and devised and implemented robust business continuity plans.

Strong disaster recovery and backup plans help ensure that, in the event of a disruption such as a cyberattack or a natural disaster, companies have minimized their risk of downtime and thus minimized the impact on the bottom line. However, can you say with 100% certainty that, in the event of a data loss emergency, your business has immediate and seamless access to the mission-critical data needed to resume day-to-day operations while your disaster recovery and backup tools complete a system restore?

If your organization experiences a serious disruption such as a cyberattack, insider threat, storage platform-specific hack or bug, or natural disaster that results in hours, days, or even weeks of downtime, the financial impacts can be astounding. For example, the global average cost of a data breach is $3.86MM, and the average cost of downtime is roughly $300,000 per hour or $5,600 per minute. And, this doesn’t include the potential reputation damage and loss of customers. It’s clear: In business, time is money and downtime comes at a very high cost.

Take factory production data for businesses with warehouses, for example. For these organizations, unstructured data is crucial for day-to-day operations. Businesses must have constant and immediate access, as the cost of capital goods idling is a significant impact of downtime. Customer orders, invoices, and contracts are additional examples of unstructured data that is required daily and can cripple a business if not instantaneously available.

Organizations need to give themselves a fighting chance to quickly get activities up and running after a disruption. By keeping a “golden copy” of core, business-critical data in an air-gapped environment (accessed in either a bunker site, data center, or the public cloud), organizations are preparing for the unexpected and mitigating the costly impacts of downtime.

Given how critical business continuity plans are, maintaining a secure golden copy of your mission-critical data complements – not replaces – the traditional disaster recovery strategy. Identifying your company’s core data and retaining vendor-, hardware-, and software-agnostic access to it is one way to increase the maturity of your current disaster recovery and backup plans.

Why Choose DobiProtect to Create Your Golden Copy

DobiProtect® enables companies to maintain the highest standards of business continuity. With DobiProtect, your organization will be able to quickly identify mission-critical unstructured data and isolate it as a golden copy in an air-gapped location of your choice.

“At a time when ransomware and cyber threats seem relentless, our customers are increasingly anxious about what will hit them next,” said Dale Foster, CEO and President of Climb Channel Solutions. “They want a simple solution that will help them avoid prolonged outages and deal with the challenges of protecting unstructured data. DobiProtect is uniquely designed to take on the complexity of unstructured data copy in enterprise environments and provide an end-to-end, automated, and multi-vendor solution. It is specifically architected to make today’s unstructured data protection efforts quick and cost effective, resulting in safe, accurate, and worry-free outcomes,” Foster concluded.

Whether your company prefers public cloud versus private, or has a mix of storage systems, you can easily store the data at a granular level to any network-attached storage (NAS) or object system in the event of a disruption. DobiProtect also points applications to the golden copy while you work to get the primary systems back online. DobiProtect simplifies the data copy and recovery process. Customers get the reassurance of DobiProtect being built on Datadobi’s tried-and-true architecture that is used in many of the world’s largest and most complex environments.

How to Purchase DobiProtect

DobiProtect can be purchased as software only or delivered as a service. For more information, please visit the DobiProtect product page.