Global Insurance Provider Saves Time and Money with DobiMigrate

Global Insurance Provider Saves Time and Money with DobiMigrate

The Customer

The featured customer is a global provider of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs. The customer was founded over 140 years ago, and they currently serve over 90 million customers around the world. The customer holds a leading market position in many countries, including Japan. The customer continues to build upon its long history of providing unique solutions for its customers by launching new and innovative products and by continuing to provide high-quality financial solutions with strong financial performance.

The Challenge

The customer, based in Tokyo, needed to consolidate essential log files to a more flexible environment for their expanding business needs. They were currently storing 150 TB of log files on a Dell EMC Centera that was quickly nearing capacity, and they wanted to remove this piece of hardware from their floor as quickly as possible.

The customer’s IT team wanted to consolidate the log files from the Centera to a Dell EMC Isilon. This new storage platform would provide the flexibility that they needed to store these log files and allow for their anticipated business expansion. The IT team typically used generic, industry-standard tools to perform their migrations. The team projected that it would take close to one year to migrate the data from one platform to another if they remained status quo in their processes.

The Solution

The customer turned to its trusted technology partner Dell EMC and its Professional Services group in Tokyo, to provide a solution that would accurately and rapidly migrate all of the data from the Centera to a new Isilon. Dell EMC enlisted the powerful functionality of DobiMigrate software to migrate the log files from one storage platform to another. After the software was deployed, DobiMigrate enabled the Dell EMC Professional Services team to easily work with the customer to migrate 150 TB of data from the Centera to an Isilon in just 10–11 days.

Metrics for Success

It was very important to the customer’s IT team that the migration from the Centera to the new Isilon be completed quickly and accurately. With DobiMigrate, the customer was able to complete this important task months ahead of its original schedule. In addition to this migration being extremely fast, it was also completed accurately and there was no disruption to business operations.

“This was a completely efficient project as far as time and resources were concerned. We wanted to remove the Centera from our floor as quickly as possible, and DobiMigrate allowed us to have an automated, rapid, and accurate migration. A very important benefit for our team is that we were able to migrate the retention information of the Centera, keeping us highly compliant with industry protocol. We had the powerful functionality of DobiMigrate, with its easy GUI, at our fingertips and the support of Centera experts with the team at EMC and Datadobi behind us as well.”
– IT Project Manager

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