Data Protection in the Cloud: Azure Blob Storage

Data Protection in the Cloud: Azure Blob Storage

Almost everyone has a treasured asset that they keep well protected. For individuals, it’s often a cherished family photo or family heirloom. For organizations, one of the most valued possessions they have is their unstructured data — and for good reason. Unstructured data offers organizations an inside look at the effectiveness of business operations, marketing campaigns, and customer behaviour. Just as an individual takes steps to safeguard precious items, organizations must take steps to secure unstructured data. 

In a recent blog post, we discussed the importance of keeping business-critical data in an air-gapped location to minimize the attack surface and prevent accidental deletions of important data. Aside from assessing which data is considered necessary for business operations, organizations must also decide where to keep the “golden copy” of their data.  

There are significant challenges to protecting large volumes of business-critical information, which is forcing some companies to be creative in order to meet data protection requirements. With more and more organizations turning to the cloud to run their business, and the cloud computing market expected to gross $832.1 billion by 2025, many companies are also relying on the cloud for data protection. 

Datadobi recently announced support for Azure Blob storage in DobiProtect 5.11, enabling customers to protect their data from any NAS or cloud filesystem to Microsoft’s cloud-based object storage solution. 

Adding DobiProtect Can Bring Added Value to Microsoft Customers 

As an organization grows, data increases. Growing enterprises should not have to worry about the cost of guarding their data, and that is where DobiProtect within the cloud comes into play.  Customers who have chosen Microsoft cloud services can now also reap the benefits of storing a golden copy of their data using DobiProtect. Through DobiProtect for Azure Blob companies can safeguard their data with scalability and flexibility as the organization grows, adding data within the golden copy as needs arise.  

For companies using Azure Blob and wanting to streamline administrative and financial processes, DobiProtect’s support for Azure Blob storage presents a cost and time advantage for customers. If organizations are already within the cloud vendor’s ecosystem, customers protecting their data can have everything charged to the same invoice and can pay as they go.  

You would not leave a precious antique in the front yard for anyone to steal. You’d need trusted and verified options for storage location. Similarly, adding Azure Blob capabilities to DobiProtect provides organizations with another option to protect their most valuable asset: data.

How to Purchase DobiProtect for Your Organization to Use within Cloud Ecosystems 

For organizations looking to protect their data using Azure Blob storage, please contact us at [email protected] or visit the DobiProtect product page for more information.