Flemish Government Awards Datadobi “Innovation & Technology” Grant

We’re pleased to announce that the Flemish Government has awarded us with an “Innovation and Technology” grant for a €1 Million technology research project. Given our tremendous expertise in the area of data migrations, our entire team is ecstatic with the grant and what the project will mean to our business and the industry.

The project charter is to research, design, and demonstrate a platform-agnostic, data mobility software solution that addresses the myriad data migration challenges accelerated by the explosion in growth of unstructured data. Datadobi CEO Ian Leysen believes that introducing a platform-agnostic migration solution will be game changing for the storage industry. He commented, “We believe it will greatly reduce the impediments for businesses that want or need to migrate to cutting-edge storage technologies. Our goal is to develop a holistic solution that is low touch, shortest in overall migration duration, non-intrusive to a business’s operations, and reduces human intervention and labor. Being able to do all of this at scale is a critical research focus of our project.”