Realize your ROI

DobiMigrate is lightning fast so you get your old platform off the floor quicker and get to lower TCO on your next platform faster all adding up to big savings across the board.

Sleep soundly at night

DobiMigrate substantially reduces the risk of a storage platform migration making sure you reap the benefits of your storage transition.

Focus on what matters

DobiMigrate frees you from arduous and time-consuming tasks allowing you to focus on value-added activities.

The proof is in the reporting

DobiMigrate delivers 100% accuracy and gives you the proof that your data has really been moved to the next platform exactly as it was.

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  • Easy and fast deployment
  • Distributed deployment for optimized network performance
  • Distributed deployment for large scale multi-site migrations


  • Meta-data based discovery of your data
  • Full discovery of source environment attributes
  • Top down reporting across multiple systems

Track and Plan

  • Group and track multiple systems simultaneously
  • Perform selected and partial migrations
  • Bulk import support for file server configurations


  • SMB 1.0, 2.x, 3.x and NFS 3.0
  • MD5 integrity check on every file
  • Consolidate multiple systems simultaneously
  • Iterative approach with auto tracking of changes to be migrated
  • Automatic transfer of file attributes and permissions
  • Automatic re-scans of source platform and alerting of any out-of-scope migration changes for new volumes or Qtrees
  • Exclude files and directories based on patterns
  • SID mapping


  • Throttling and scheduling of network load
  • Throttling and scheduling of server load
  • Interactive support for full planning and execution flexibility


  • Support for creation of shares, exports and user mapping
  • Transfer of Share ACLs and Export Access Rights
  • Dry run switchover
  • Put source filers in Read only
  • Automatically pause all non switchover related tasks until the end of the switchover

Monitor and report

  • Workflow oriented views
  • Accurate and real-time progress reporting via GUI
  • Report on migration result for each processed file
  • Automated daily email reporting for easy and remote follow-up

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Tried, tested, and trusted by many of the world’s most influential organizations.


“I essentially hit the ‘go button’ with DobiMigrate, and our platform migration was well underway. I was very pleased with the entire process, especially with the speed of the migration.”

Team Storage Lead

Leading Not-for-Profit Healthcare System

Unparalleled customer service

“Datadobi proved to me that they are indeed the leader in the storage platform migration space. Their unparalleled customer service and support and the software’s reporting functionality proved invaluable to our project.”

Manager of ESS Distributed Engineering

Global Financial Services Company


“The greatest benefit that I viewed was the flexibility that DobiMigrate brought to the table. Our technology transition was a complete success as far as time and budgets were concerned.”

Project Manager

Major Grocery Chain