Datadobi Voted “Best Partner” by Satisfied Customer

Datadobi Voted “Best Partner” by Satisfied Customer


As the nation’s leading provider of healthcare reimbursement services, Florida-based Payspan brings together the expertise and technology that improves the patient experience, while reducing costs for payers and providers. Faced with an important but difficult NAS-to-NAS data migration, Payspan turned to partner DefendX to recommend a new migration solution. Their answer? DobiMigrate.

Too Much To Do, Too Little Time

Payspan urgently needed to migrate about 50 TB of very small (1 KB) and important files for a financial application. They soon encountered one obstacle after another: long-running cutover windows, permission problems, deeply nested directory hierarchies, and overall complexity. It was clear their internal tools were not up to the task. Faced with a long list of to-do’s and a ticking clock, Payspan put their confidence in Datadobi to get their migration project back on track.

Issues Resolved, Deadlines Met

Datadobi worked closely with Payspan to pinpoint and resolve SAMBA performance issues on the target, then took the migration project in an entirely new direction. The final migration went smoothly – on time and on budget – and Payspan and DefendX were thrilled with the fact that DobiMigrate could:

  • Block move the data without the directory structure impeding it.
  • Handle any amount of data.
  • Scale the work up and down without losing momentum toward completing the project.
    This was important as they were dealing with production data that would be in use during the scans.
  • Handle any number of levels, thanks to the directory structure.

“We held a meeting this morning on our use of your product and your support and we all unanimously voted Datadobi the best partner we have ever worked with.” – Janice Martinez, PMP, IT Project Manager, Payspan, Inc.


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