NAS & File-System Migrations

Migrating to whichever File storage platform that suits your needs⎯no matter which vendor⎯should be your choice. But as most storage people have painfully experienced, migrating can be treacherous, potentially resulting in a dramatically reduced–or even non-existent–Return on Investment from your new storage.*

With DobiMigrate, your are free to choose whatever storage best suits your needs because DobiMigrate gets you to your new platform quickly no matter who the vendor:

  • DobiMigrate uses industry standard protocols and publicly available interfaces so that we are 100% vendor independent.
  • We work with all the large storage vendors and have direct access to their engineering should the need arise.
  • We have a wealth of experience migrating from/to just about every major (and many minor) storage platforms.
  • Our lab contains hardware from the most important storage vendors (where hardware is involved) so we can thoroughly test every aspect of a migration.
  • Many vendors rely on us to provide them with engineering knowledge about File and Object migrations between storage platforms (even in-family).

*This is backed up by research from Gartner that predicts that through 2019, more than 50% of migrations will exceed budget: “Best Practices to Mitigate Data Migration Risks and Challenges”