Compliance Migrations

Your compliance data is probably among the most important data in your company. And when migrating compliance data to a new storage platform, you want to make sure your migration solution is 100% accurate…and can prove it. Not being able to produce evidence that your compliance data is still compliant after a migration probably means it isn’t.

DobiMigrate is the only Enterprise-class File and Object migration software that takes absolute care to migrate your compliance data correctly and provides evidence to prove it:

    • DobiMiner performs a MD5 hash of the source file and compares that with the MD5 hash of the target file after it’s copied.
    • After the cutover for a WORM migration, DobiMiner adds a final step of ‘Copy WORM’.
    • DobiMigrate will then read-back that date to test its accuracy.
    • With the file handle still open, DobiMigrate will make the file immutable and then close the file.

You can read more about Compliance migrations from one of our technical geniuses here.