Centera Migrations

Dell EMC Centera was a great object storage platform but it has been superseded by newer technologies that provide many more advantages. Migrating from a Centera, to any other platform, can be a challenging task due to the unique nature of the Centera.

Datadobi’s founders were instrumental in building Dell EMC Centera so its no wonder our Centera migration service, driven by our industry leading DobiMigrate software, is considered the best in the business and used by hundreds of the world’s top companies:

  • Discovery – You will get a full picture of your current storage environment before we begin the project.
  • Scoping & Planning – Using the reports, we will create a full scope document including confirm the needs of the new storage which will be used as input to a full and detailed planning.
  • Migration – DobiMigrate automatically, and with the utmost accuracy, rapidly migrates the data, users, and applications to the new platform.
  • Monitoring And Reporting – Your project stakeholders will be able to access up-to-the-minute file-by-file reporting for any level of the organization.
  • Finalization – You will get a full and detailed reporting down to the file level so that you have the confidence that the migration was a success and you have full documentation for records keeping.

Tried, tested, and trusted by many of the world’s most influential organizations.