Retrofit Vendor Independence

Since storage began as an industry, it has been accepted practice that customers must buy exactly the same storage as their production system if they want a replicated copy of their data. But in today’s world of multi-vendor policies, Cloud Service Providers, and DRaaS, companies do not want to be bound to this outdated approach.

DobiReplicate and DobiSync give customers the ability to replicate from any File or Object storage platform to any other File or Object storage platform:

  • Choose any NAS vendor’s solution and not be tied to a specific provider.
  • Mix and match NAS vendors’ technology as required.
  • Design-out discontinued or unsupported equipment without a wholesale replacement from a single vendor.
  • Best of breed solution for individual customer needs, difficult to source from a single systems vendor.
  • Easily upgrade technology with a guaranteed migration outcome.
  • Best in class support covering the entire installation.