Reduce Wasted Space

More-for-less is the driving force behind all data center budgets. But often, companies find themselves with a lot of wasted space in their on-premises data center or they find it difficult to fully utilize the Cloud for their File and Object data.

The DobiMiner suite of software offers companies a multitude of opportunities to save precious dollars by making sure they make use of their storage estate to the max:

  • Use DobiMigrate to move data to the most appropriate location suited to that data instead of letting it take up valuable space on another system.
  • Use DobiReplicate to replicate your data to an existing heterogeneous storage platform on-premises or remote instead of purchasing new storage for replication.
  • Use DobiSync to keep a safe copy of your data in the Cloud instead of jeopardizing it by not keeping a safe copy at all due to lack of space.