You decide where to keep it

DobiSync frees your File and Object data to reside on heterogeneous storage anywhere you want: on-premises, remote, or in the Cloud.

Only 100% accuracy matters

DobiSync hashes every single file so you know that your remote data is exactly the same on the target as it is in production.

Protect against modern diseases

DobiSync can help immunize you against Ransomware attacks by allowing you to preserve a pristine copy of your data and choose any archive interval that meets your businesses RPO.

Get it back fast

DobiSync copies data at lightening speeds and allows you to restore the entire dataset or drill down to the individual file level giving you the best chance to meet your company’s RTO.



  • Easy and fast deployment
  • Distributed deployment for optimized network performance
  • Distributed deployment for large scale multi-site synchronization

Discover and Plan

  • Discovery of file security attributes and meta-data
  • Reporting of data across multiple systems
  • Discovery of source environment attributes
  • Identify files that introduce synchronization challenges


  • SMB 1.0, 2.x, 3.x and NFS 3.0, S3
  • MD5 integrity check on every file
  • Iterative approach with auto tracking of changes to be synchronized
  • Automatic transfer of file attributes and permissions
  • Automatic re-scans of source platform and generates errors for any potential synchronization issues
  • Exclude files and directories based on naming patterns
  • Apply new SID, UID and GID mapping in flight


  • Group and track multiple synchronizations simultaneously
  • Track the success of iterative synchronization events over time
  • Perform syncing of selected data


  • Throttling and scheduling of network load
  • Throttling and scheduling of server load
  • Interactive support for full planning and execution flexibility

Recover and Failover

  • Pull back individual files or rollback the entire system

Monitor and report

  • Workflow oriented views
  • Accurate and real-time status reporting via GUI
  • Numerous reports for synchronization status, rollback results including detailed file lists
  • Automated daily email reporting for easy and remote tracking

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