Hundreds of the world’s top companies trust the DobiMiner Suite to make sure their data is always where it needs to be. These are their stories.

DobiMigrate Provides Performance and Scalability Needed After Business Acquisition for DTI

DTI enlisted the expertise of their technology partner to recommend a large-scale migration solution that would migrate the data from NetApp to Isilon.

DobiMigrate Provides Invaluable Insight into NAS Environment for RVM

DobiMigrate was able to streamline RVM’s NAS migration quicker, easier, and better than any other solution. Minimizing the cutover duration was the critical component in leading to RVM’s success.

German Cancer Research Center Deploys DobiMigrate for NAS Migration

DKFZ turned to its trusted technology partner, EMC, to provide a solution that would accurately and rapidly migrate data to the new Isilon.

In Less Than 24 Hours, Miami-Dade Public Library System Simplified Their Infrastructure

Through their trusted partner EMC, Miami-Dade Public Library System found a solution that would accurately and rapidly migrate data to a new Isilon.

Datadobi Voted “Best Partner” by Satisfied Customer

Faced with an important but difficult NAS-to-NAS data migration, Payspan® turned to partner DefendX to recommend a new migration solution. Their answer? DobiMigrate.

“Best Migration Tool” Saves UMassMed Time & Money

DobiMigrate successfully completed the medical school’s migration on time and on budget while greatly exceeding customer expectations.

Large International Legal Services Firm Sees a Smooth E-Discovery Data Migration

A large international legal services firm had to migrate e-discovery data made up of billions of small electronic files without spending massive amounts of time and labor to get the job done.

Global Technology Provider Migrates Billions of Files in Less Than Three Months

A large global technology provider in the southwestern Unites States relied on DobiMigrate to quickly migrate 2 PBs of data and 3.1 billion files from multiple NAS devices to one consolidated platform.

Hospital System Completes a Hassle-Free Medical Imaging Migration

A large hospital system in the southwestern United States chose DobiMigrate to achieve a fast, accurate, and hassle-free migration of medical imaging data.

Large Multinational Firm Migrated Over 100TB of its Most Critical Revenue-Generating Application Quickly and Easily with DobiMigrate

The firm enlisted the help of its technology partners to identify a file solution to painlessly migrate the data from its source platform, VNX.

Global Banking and Financial Services Company Utilizes DobiMigrate for Multi-Petabyte NAS Migration

EMC is handling all of the services for this initiative, and they have enlisted the powerful functionality of DobiMigrate to make the NAS migration a success.

Leading Global Insurance Provider Saves Time and Money with DobiMigrate

The customer, based in Tokyo, needed to consolidate essential log files to a more flexible environment for their expanding business needs.

One of the Largest Independent Food Retailers Avoided High Maintenance Costs and Gained Object Capacity with DobiMigrate

The large food retailer turned to Datadobi to utilize the powerful functionality of DobiMigrate to perform a Centera to Centera data migration.

DobiMigrate Provides Invaluable Insight to Large Not-for-Profit Healthcare System

The customer enlisted the assistance and powerful functionality of DobiMigrate to assess, migrate, validate and delete data during a migration.

As Global Population Grows and Energy Use is Rising, More People Gain Access to Modern Energy

The customer was able to maintain control and have complete visibility into all phases of the migration as it transitioned from an aging Centera.

Leading Global Investment Management Organization Selectively Migrated Data without any Business Disruptions

DobiMigrate was able to provide the investment management team with all of the tools that they needed for a successful project.