Large Multinational Firm Migrated Over 100TB of its Most Critical Revenue-Generating Application Quickly and Easily with DobiMigrate

Client info

Large multinational consulting and services firm


  • Multiple Locations
  • United States Data Center


Dell EMC, Computex

The Challenge

The firm needed to migrate its critical documentation management system. The application was required to encrypt data at rest on the Isilon. They needed to migrate data as quickly as possible.

The Solution

DobiMigrate for NAS migrations
Migrate over 100 Terabytes of data from a VNX® to Dell EMC Isilon®


  • Automation
  • Visibility
  • Accuracy

The Customer

The customer is a large multinational consulting and services firm with offices in over 150 countries. At one of its US data centers, the IT team needed to migrate one of its most essential business applications.

The Challenge

The firm needed to migrate their critical documentation management system (DMS) application. The firm enlisted the help of its technology partners, Dell EMC and Computex Technology Solutions, to identify a file solution to migrate the data from its source platform, VNX. The firm decided to migrate the 100+ Terabytes of data from VNX to Dell EMC Isilon using DobiMigrate.

The firm faced many challenges with time, expertise, and risk. With old tools, the firm projected that migrating the application would take over two years to complete. The firm had a deadline to migrate the data within 10 weeks. In addition to the time constraints, an even bigger challenge was that one of the firm’s IT groups in the US had never deployed Isilon technology in their territory, and they lacked the necessary expertise and experience. The majority of the firm’s revenue is generated from this particular application, and it was required that the DMS application continues to encrypt the data at rest without any interruption to their business.

The Solution

Computex Technology Solutions worked with Dell EMC to propose deploying DobiMigrate software for the VNX to Isilon migration of the DMS application. In addition, Computex Technology Solutions managed and performed the professional services aspect of the project.

After deploying DobiMigrate, the firm was able to have its entire data set migrated on target and in the prescribed timeframe. In just 20 days, 110 Terabytes of data was migrated from VNX to Isilon and the cutover took place—as scheduled—a few weekends later.

“During the deployment phase, we encountered an ultra-visible, minor outage, where we had the inability to enter new data in the application. The files were exported as ‘read-only,’ said Derrick Kuhl, District Manager for Computex Technology Solutions, St. Petersburg, Florida location. “The Engineering team at Datadobi was very responsive and agile. They took our unique requirement; updated the software; tested it in a like environment; and within just a few weeks, the software was able to migrate according to our timeframe and regulatory needs.”

“By deploying DobiMigrate, we were able to take an extremely manual, high-touch, and risky migration project and make it incredibly streamlined, easy, and simple. This was our first deployment of Isilon technology. It was a highly visible project since we were migrating our leading revenue-generating application. There is no way that I would have performed this migration without DobiMigrate.”
Senior Manager of Infrastructure Services

Metrics for Success

The firm’s goal was to migrate as quickly and efficiently as possible to Isilon without any disruptions to their day-to-day business. By utilizing DobiMigrate, the firm, Dell EMC, and Computex Technology Solutions achieved their overall project goals:

  1. Meet Project Deadline—the team had just a few short months to migrate its most critical application. DobiMigrate, being at a minimum of ten times faster than any other solution, was able to migrate the data within the firm’s deadline.
  2. No Application Performance Disruption—DobiMigrate’s built-in flexibility minimized disruption to daily business and allowed the firm to easily adapt to changing business priorities.
  3. Provide Reports and Documentation—Given the firm’s nature, they needed to provide documentation to senior management on an on-going basis. DobiMigrate’s reporting functionality allowed them to provide real-time reports during each phase of the technology transition.
  4. Preserve Security Structures Around Data—DobiMigrate reduced risk by removing much of the manual process, automating repetitive activities, and streamlining complex tasks.

Business Benefits

The firm was able to accurately and efficiently migrate its DMS application from VNX to Isilon. The business benefited from DobiMigrate’s automation. The migration was completely streamlined and avoided many manual steps that the firm’s IT team previously did themselves. The organization also had great visibility in to each phase of the migration. The simple user-interface provided the firm’s IT team with accurate and real-time progress reporting.

The customer was able to quickly transition to a NAS storage platform. By reducing the time of the migration and taking away much of the manual interactions the firm significantly reduced the risks involved in an enormous complex migration. All of the features and benefits that DobiMigrate brings to a NAS storage platform migration, saved this firm money and will ultimately increase their bottom line.