Global Technology Provider Migrates Billions of Files in Less Than Three Months

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The Challenge

The Solution


  • 3.1 billion files
  • 2 PB
  • Manufacturing, sales, operations, and website data
  • Multiple Dell EMC VNX® and Compellent and Quantum StorNext® source systems in multiple data centers
  • NAS target in two main data centers

Billions of Files? No Problem

A large global technology provider in the southwestern United States faced a major migration headache. Somehow, they had to rapidly migrate petabytes of important engineering and operational data—spread across multiple, separate NAS devices—then consolidate and reorganize them into a logical, single-storage platform type. Complicating things further, the company’s NAS devices were supplied by different vendors, making data migration even more difficult.


Previous migration attempts using legacy tools proved to be inflexible, labor intensive, and nonscalable. IT staff needed a powerful new approach. Faced with a short timeframe and limited staff resources, the company was searching for a software solution that provides fast, reliable, and automated migration capabilities.

DobiMigrate Chosen for Massive Data Reorganization

Impressed with Datadobi’s migration expertise, the customer chose DobiMigrate. The solution’s high degree of automation enabled the company to assign a single staff person to carry out the migrations—on a part-time basis. Furthermore, DobiMigrate’s scalability was key in establishing uniform migration policies, which consolidated and reorganized the disparate data into a more logical structure on the NAS clusters.

Fast, Accurate, Scalable Solution

Although they were working with petabytes of data and billions of files, the migration was completed in less than three months. Data from the various source systems were consolidated and reorganized into the customer-preferred directory structures using the DobiMigrate GUI. The destination NAS clusters were in production a whopping 10 months ahead of the internally predicted schedule. Not only did the solution minimize staffing costs, it has delivered significant savings on maintenance, power, and cooling costs for the company.

The Datadobi Difference

This large technology provider was looking for four key elements in a solution: flexibility, scalability, accuracy, and speed. DobiMigrate exceeded expectations in all four categories. Automatic validation of the accuracy of data being migrated to the destination storage system ensured data integrity and minimal risk throughout the project. Furthermore, DobiMigrate easily scaled to meet the challenge of migrating petabytes of data and millions of files—in far less time than they had anticipated.